If you are freelancer from Bangladesh, Pakistan or Egypt you probably in trouble with collecting money from your clients. Now you can bring Money easily and you even can sell your products online. you will not even need PayPal.

First of all you will be need an US bank account.  Thinking how you can get an US bank account when you are living in a different country? Payoneer made that really easy for you.

This are best 2 Options for your to sell your Work or Service.

1) Selz

Life become more easy with Selz. With Selz you have wide range or tools for you design and setup your eCommerce system. You will not need to pay for file hosting, no bandwidth fee, no monthly fee. Only 5% + 25cent on each transaction. Its around average 1% higher then PayPal its still better when you do’t have PayPal. You can withdraw money via your US Bank account through Payoneer. you Must have to have a US bank account in order to withdraw money from Selz

2) Gumroad

Gumroad is also one of the best alternative of PayPal for the freelancer those don’t have PayPal available in their country. Most of all Gumroad service is like Selz. They charge