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Top 10 Real Estate Postcard Templates & Examples 2019




Real estate postcards are small, single-page mailers that realtors send to their targetted audience or business area to get more leads tor to promote their brand and offers. There are 2 common types of mail used in this purpose. One is standard postcard to send to a specific homeowner or home buyer. This postcard also send to a list of receivers. The most common size of standard postcards is 6×4 inch, 5.5×8.5 inc and 11×6 inch.

Another one is Every Door Direct Mail EDDM. This is more cost-effective. Using EDDM real estate agent can do send mess postcard to every postbox to a selected area. By using this realtor can get a better impression for fewer investments.

You can hire me and my team for Custom Design for your next neighborhood marketing tool. Or you can find premade design templates that are optimized for realtors. So that realtors don’t have to spend a lot of time on your design idea or contents.

Our Real Estate design templates are print-ready, so just replacing content will do it all to make it print and send to potential customers or neighborhood.

Real Estate Postcard Example

I’ve listed the best free and premium real estate postcard design templates for you to download and start marketing. I know what works for realtors.

1. Real Estate Interest Rate Direct Mail Eddm Postcard

Real Estate Postcard for Interest Rate With Listing offers EDDM Postcard template download for Realtor Target for a Selling Season. Realtor Real Estate Listing and Selling Target for Homeowner promotional Postcard template design download. 

You can use this design as either direct mail eddm or regular postcard.

2. KW Prefered Real Estate Postcard Design Example

This real estate postcard is designed for specific realtor of KW Williams Preferred Real Estate Agent.

Real Estate Listing Service Promotional Marketing tool Direct mail EDDM For Realtor. This direct mail EDDM Postcard is designed for KW preferred realtor. However, it’s good for any real estate agent. It can bu be customized for any other business too.  

2. Real Estate Just Sold Postcard for Realtor

3 Real Estate Open House Postcard

4 Rental Real Estate Postcard

5 Seasonal Real Estate Postcard

6 Real Estate Agent Introduction Postcard

7 Cash Buying Real Estate Postcard – Superfast!

8 Fence Sitter Real Estate Postcard

9 Free-Offer Postcards – Entice Your Audience

10 Real Estate Renter/First-Time Buyer Postcards

11 Social Media Marketing Postcards

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